You can, after you register at receiptionist, you can access to Hexagon office whenever you need.

We love children; however, they might cause noises, affecting the workspace. Due to that reason, please do not bring children under the age of 12 while working at Hexagon including weekends and events. In reluctant cases, please remind your children to keep quiet or contact our receptionist for assistance.

Hexagon outdoor area is reserved for smokers. Please smoke in the designated area and no smoking in all rooms.

Operating hours:

– Registration service hours: 8:00 A.M – 5:30P.M. from Monday to Friday and 8 A.M – 12 A.M Sartuday

– Using services time: 6 A.M – 9 P.M daily

At Hexagon, we have 6 Packages service:

1. Hourly (20.000 VND/hour; Flexible Desks)

2. Daily (120.000 VND/day; Flexible Desks)

3. Combo 5 days/month (540.000 VND/month; Flexible Desks)

4. Monthly (1.900.000 VND/month; Flexible Desks)

5. Premium (2.900.000 VND/month; Dedicated Desks)

6. Studio (from 14.900.000; Private office)

*All pricing list is excluded 10% VAT .

Learn more at http://hexagonoffice.com/booking

No, you can’t. Food must be consumed at our Pantry areas.

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate your friend.

Yes, you may use Hexagon address on business cards and your company website, for mail and package handling.

If you have an issue or need help, you can submit your questions via Contact form on our Home Page: hex-office.com, send us an email to  admin@jepco-vn.com, call us 0236.399.6060, hotline: 094.230.6060 or you can discuss directly with our Support Team on 10th floor, Vinh Trung Plaza Building.

You will be provided a free card for parking at the parking lot of  Vinh Trung Plaza building. You can park bycicles, motorcycles, cars at these addresses: opposite Con market ( The intersection between Hung Vuong street and Ong Ich Khiem street)

You can check out the map below:


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