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    1/ INDOCHINA RIVERSIDE TOWER LTD (Japanese Investor – 2017) Project: Applying for the transfer of land use right from Vietnamese to a foreign investor (Japanese legal entity) and applying for a 100% foreign-invested enterprise to develop the project 2/ SÔNG HÀN TRADING &...

    Date: 26/ 07/ 2018
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    Office Space for lease in Da Nang – flexible working space with many utilities

    Hexagon coworking & shared office provides Office Space for lease in Da Nang with the aim of creating the workspace that meet all the need of users:   Flexible time working: Office Space for lease in Da Nang  allow...

    Date: 10/ 06/ 2017
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    Da Nang Serviced Office Space to Rent

    Da Nang Serviced Office Space to Rent  located in the heart of city center, 24/7 Security Hexagon will meet your need with a professional office space Prime location in the heart of city, close to shopping mall, supermarket, entertainment...

    Date: 10/ 06/ 2017
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    6 Benefits of coworking space

    If you are a Freelancer, a person who is burning in their start-up projects, do a short-term jobs but don’t have the space to work, or simply you’re just looking for a new workspace can provide inspiration for your...

    Date: 02/ 06/ 2017
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    5 Habits That Will Make You a More Creative CEO

    In 2010, IBM surveyed more than 1,500 chief executive officers from 60 countries and found the No. 1 factor that CEOs use to predict future success is creativity. Being creative allows CEOs to adapt to market changes, adopt innovative...

    Date: 02/ 06/ 2017
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    The Pioneer of the Specialty Coffee Business

    After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Oren Bloostein—a Long Island, New York, native—moved to New York City and found a job at Saks Fifth Avenue, working in corporate retail. It was 1979, Bloostein was 23, and he was...

    Date: 02/ 06/ 2017
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    15 Ways to Scale Your Business and Make More Money

    There are two things that every entrepreneur wishes for: more time and more money. We yearn for more time because balancing any semblance of a career with the demands of a family life, friends and other interests, becomes overwhelming. We...

    Date: 24/ 05/ 2017
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    5 Emerging Trends in Startup Culture for 2017

    Startups, new businesses based on innovation, have been trending for a while. Whether in the technological sphere or another sector, a number of individuals are opting for startups over a regular job. This trend used to be primarily male-dominant, however...

    Date: 22/ 05/ 2017
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    10 Business Cost Optimization Ideas

    While most CIOs are familiar with the idea of IT cost cutting, the evolution to digital business means IT departments need to look beyond simple expense-line trimming and instead focus on optimizing the business value of information technology. Organizations...

    Date: 19/ 05/ 2017
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